Sunday, December 30, 2012

Conferring With Students During Reader's and Math Workshops

One-on-one meetings are the ultimate confidence builders for students.  They’re especially effective as follow-ups to (instruction), when students practice a strategy.  Your undivided attention to each child makes them feel that you care about their learning and will try to help them understand and improve (Robb 1998, 7-8).

What is a Conference?
A short interaction between teacher and student during the work time of Readers Workshop.

 The following may occur:
  •   Listen to a student read aloud or complete a problem to determine accuracy, fluency, and strategy use.
  •  Discuss goals have student reflect on them.
  •   Ask questions regarding what the student is reading/working on to determine comprehension, etc…
  • Demonstrate the strategies of proficient readers/mathematicians
  • Explain the value of using strategies/practices regularly
  •  Reinforce direct instruction done in whole-class settings by repeating a point, such as how to use the Reader’s Notebook/Math Notebook correctly
  • Converse with the student about any problem you have noticed or that the student has identified
  • Make recommendations regarding texts the student might enjoy or benefit from reading
  • Discuss reading habits
  •  Strategize with the student about what needs to happen next

Download the forms I use to confer with Readers and Mathematicians. Both of these conferring forms are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. The reading form considers text-complexity and the math form considers the Common Core Math Practices.

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